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Name:be my glitterbaby
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:A fic community for Adam Lambert/Tommy Ratliff
This is a fanfic community dedicated to Adam Lambert and Tommy Ratliff.


Your post should include the title, author, rating, pairing, summary, and warnings if applicable. You can mix up the order, but it needs to contain that basic information.

Pairing (if applicable):
Rating (use the MPAA as a guideline):
Warnings (if any):
Author's Note (if any):

Keep the warnings and notes to a short sentence or two. Longer stories must be posted behind a cut tag: < cut > text of story < /cut >
(removing the spaces between the > and < symbols and the text).

If you are linking to an outside page, please do not link to locked posts.

Try and remember to tag your posts with the proper rating and any other tag that belongs to your post, just ask and we can make one for you.

PLEASE DO NOT POST NON-CON. There are other comms that allow it. Also, dub-con, deathfic, slavefic, gore, are allowed, but PLEASE put behind a cut and make sure it is in the warnings.

Always use warnings when appropriate. If you have to ask if it needs a warning, it probably does. But if you're still not sure, contact a mod. Submissions to this community are moderated. If your story doesn't have the proper header with warnings and ratings displayed, we won't accept it.


[personal profile] socrazy and [personal profile] i_amthecosmosare your mods. Feel free to contact either of them with questions via PM, or by emailing glitterbabies @

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